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tv   KTVU Noon News  FOX  March 19, 2013 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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. welcome back. i want to thank anna for being back on the show. how is your show going? >> really fun, really well written, just a great time on abc on wednesday nights. >> we'll label our way out of here. >> what's not to label? >> thanks so much. have a great day. see you tomorrow. bye-bye. [applause]
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the bay area remembers veterans and civilians who died as the world marks the 10th anniversary of the iraq invasion. a neighborhood reacts to the fatal shooting in the police bay. au new concerns about tampa -- new concerns about tuberculosis it be at noon. dd
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hours ahead of the 10th anniversary of the u.s. invasion of iraq, people are
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marking the date literally in san francisco and speaking out right now to remember war veterans. it's one of the top stories. good afternoon. i'm tori campbell. we begin with the u.s. marine corps. it just has said seven marines have died during a training exercise in nevada. it happened around 10:30 at the hawthorne army depot about 140 miles southeast of reno. all of the men were from a unit based in north carolina. marine officials say a 60- millimeter mortar exploded unexpectliedly. a white house spokesman expressed president obama's sympathy. >> the president sends thoughts and prayers to the families of those lost and injured. we're in the early stages of assess egg the incident. it's a -- assessing the incident.
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it's a tragedy. >> it's unclear what caused the mortar round to detonate and if more than a single round exploded. the marine corps has ordered an immediate halt worldwide until an investigation is finished. a new effort to health veterans is being launched today ten years after the iraq war began. details are being discussed right now. ktvu's sal castanedo joins us live from san francisco to show us how some marking this day. >> reporter: you could use the word "marking," tori. the sidewalks are filled with a memorial of sports on the 10th anniversary of the beginning of u.s. armed forces fighting in iraq. >> it's been ten years which is why we're out here on this date march 19th since we invaded iraq ten years ago. i was going into iraq with the 101st and since then, there have been hundreds of thousands of iraqi civilians including thousands of american soldiers. >> reporter: today aaron hands
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and other veterans are writing the names at the federal building here on golden gate avenue. organizers have timed this to coincide with a similar protest at the white house. many say they were opposed to u.s. participation in the war to begin with. others say they were misled. >> a lot of us feel that a lot of us were pretty much lied into -- into our involvement with this war and pretty much we're trying to highlight the effects of the war by chalking the dead. >> reporter: people started chalking after 9:00 and have filled up large areas of the sidewalk here. in just a few hours, the veterans had help from others who are not veterans who say veterans need all of the help they can get after their military time is over. >> i think that we take war a little too lightly. we need to understand the real
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cost of war. it's not in dollars. it's in these names right here. these are all people that represent families that have lost because of, you know, what we're doing out there. >> reporter: now, tori, as you can see across the street here at the plaza, there are some veterans in some of their military gear. they are just about to speak. one of the best-known speakers is aaron scott, who was hurt by oakland police last year in a protest at occupy oakland. he will be speaking along with others who want to call attention to veterans on this 10th anniversary of the iraqi war. live in san francisco, sal castanedo, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, sal. it's a bay area memorial honoring troops killed in iraq and afghanistan. you may have seen this la fayette hillside covered in white crosses. mum, what the creator says about the fate of this memorial. sheriff's deputies are investigating what led up to a deadly police shooting near the east foothills of san jose.
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this happened in an unincorporated san jose neighborhood off south white road. janine de la vega joins us live now and janine, i understand you just heard from an upset family member of the man whop was shot. >> reporter: yeah, that's right. a woman walked up to me moments ago and claimed to be the sister of the man that police shot. they just left candles out here on the sidewalk where the stolen car that he was in crashed. she says that police shot her brother in the head and she's questioning why police shot and killed him. she tells me he's 26 years old, that he has four children and one on the way. we're not identifying him because we don't have this confirmed by police but they -- sheriff's deputies are staying very tight-lipped about the investigation. you can see the mess left from the crash and the shooting. things got very violent. you can see the damage on this white honda. sheriff's deputies say last night before 7:00, the man
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driving it started to ram police cars. police in unmarked cars, spotted it, realized it was stolen and tried to stop it. people saw it all unfold on jerilyn drive. >> insaw the cars going in reverse, like bumper cars --er saw the cars, going in reverse, like bumper cars. >> the stops were yelling stop! stop! they had their pistols drawn. >> reporter: the sheriff's deputy said the suspect started to accelerate toward an officer. he fired at him and then he crashed into another suv across the street. the suspect was rushed to the hospital where he died from his injuries. sheriff's deputies handled the case. they worked overnight talking to witnesses and gathering evidence. some people wonder why they insisted to pursue the car. >> there's a lot of people out, it's residential. i would think that they would
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probably have some precaution or back down a little bit. >> reporter: all authorities will tell us is that the suspect and the passenger are in their 20s and they are from san jose. we're told that that passenger is cooperating with police but it's unknown if he's going to be charged with anything. we will have much more and an update on the investigation coming up at 5:00. janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 news. all right, thank you, janine. b.a.r.t. service was snarled for a time this morning as san francisco police locked down an area outside of the powell street investigation to investigate a suspicious device. it started about 7:20 near mason and eddie streets in san francisco's tenderloin neighborhood. normally busy streets in the area were cleared of traffic and pedestrians after someone spotted a suspicious metal box near a bus stop. b.a.r.t. trains were stopped before the powell street station. an officer describes what they found. >> they saw flashing lights.
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they saw an electrical cord coming out of the box. they felt that waspish special and -- and called us. >> the sfpd bomb squad, took a look, dear sided the box posed no throat and -- no threat and everything was restored. it's a disease many believe hope can be wiped out in our lifetime. but they say many are still contracting tuberculosis tara moriarty has more. >> reporter: good afternoon. the number of tb cases in san francisco has jumped 20%. that was the figure from last year. 20% higher than two years before. so obviously a concern to officials so here at city college they wanted to get the word out that tb anywhere is tb everywhere. today, this morning, the city department of public health did free testing in honor of world tb day which is sunday.
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the last time we saw a spike the cases in san francisco was in the '90s when doctors say the funding cuts and the a.i.d.s. epidemic led to tb ed having. tb is spread from person to person through the air when a person from tb cuff coughs. some people develop the disease that even with treatment can be deadly. >> california reports the most tuberculosis in the nation. we have more tb cases than the two next top states, new york and texas combined. every four hours in california, we have a new californian diagnosed with tuberculosis. >> reporter: now, we spoke to one man who was diagnosed with the disease last year. he says his lung chart looked like swiss cheese, that the tb bacteria had eaten a hole through his lung the size of a baseball. >> it's something that just came out of left field.
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i had no could clue that i could have ever been exposed to it even, you know because they say oh, certain -- socio economic lifestyles are more apt to get it. i don't know. it was just -- >> reporter: you didn't fit that mold? >> i had never been to prison. >> reporter: this was an isolated disease, he says. he had to be quarantined for three months. this is a map. it shows where most cases come from. mexico china and independent na have the large -- india have the largest cases. health officials say it only makes sense that we would have a problem here. so world tb day aims to get the message out that more testing simply needs to be done to keep this disease under control. we're live in san francisco, i'm tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, tara. the reopening date for berkeley's popular chay restaurant has been pushed back
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again. crews were setting up again for the dismantling of the upper and lower decks. the general manager says damage is more extensive, including damage to wiring and plumbing. it could take another three months for repairs. she opened to take reservations yesterday for an april 15th reopening but she says those plans are now on hold. the world welcomes the new leader of the catholic church as hundreds of thousands gather for the installation mass of pope francis. ♪ >> reporter: i'm lauren green in rome. and rosemary is here in minutes with more on the rain moving into the bay area. she'll tell you if it will amount to much. and the dramatic scene that brought down a bridge and a lot more.
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here we go! >> in the blink of an eye explosive charges raced across a bridge in texas demolishing a bridge across a lake about 45 miles from the city of austin. a woman living 26 miles away said the blast made her house shake. there's word that detonation was so powerful, it knocked out phone service including 911
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plus tv and internet coverage in parts of three counties. witnesses tell the highway patrol a wrong-way driver caused an injury crash this morning. it happened on westbound highway 4 near willow road in concord. it happened around 6:30, the highway patrol says at least two people were hurt in the accident which involved a big rig truck. the lanes reopened about 7:15 but it took traffic a long time to recover. plans are underway for a special school assembly for the teenager killed at marysville raceway park. the assembly will happen next week when school resumes after spring break. marcus johnson was in the pit area watching his cousin race when the cousin's car slid off the track. the santa rosa 8th grader and another spector re hit and killed. the principal at rincon valley middle school plans to hold the assembly on the 29th. the teen's funeral is this sunday at santa rosa baptist church. the family has set up a
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memorial fund to help with funeral exex-- ex-- expenses. the worldster welcome, the new pope. as lauren green report, the new pontiff had a message -- reports, the nut pontiff had a message -- the new pontiff had a message -- >> reporter: in his homily to the crowd, he called on the faithful to protect the weakest and the poorest in the world. >> translator: it means protecting people, showing loving concern for each and every person, especially children, the elderly, and those left in our hearts. >> reporter: dignitaries were there including the vice president, joe biden. the new pontiff -- pontiff sending a message to them -- >> translator: i would like to ask all men and women of good will, let us be protectors of
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creation, protectors of god's plan described in nature, protectors of one another and of the victim. let us know mr. not allow -- environment. let us not allow anything else. >> reporter: before the mass, he received the ring symbolizing the pay pass say -- papacy. as the mass began, pope francis greeted the faithful from the pope mobile for nearly half an hour. he signaled the jeep to stop as it approached a group of people in wheelchairs so he could step out and bless a man being propped up to the barricade. the spontaneous gesture becoming a hallmark, he made it clear, he wants his papacy to be phone cussedden 0 the poor around the dis-- focused 0 the poor around -- to be focused on the poor and the disadvanced.
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in the courtroom -- my brother in the courtroom and the man who did this is not the brother i knew. >> he took off a blue-collared t-shirt to reveal a t-shirt that revealed the word "killer" and he made obscene gestures to the victim's family. >> we were not expecting that. it's been our position all along. he knew what he was doing. what he did said is consistent with what we thought of him all along. >> the 18-year-old pled guilty last month to the killing of three students at the school in cleveland. he was 17 and he's ineligible for the death penalty. in iraq, 200 people were wounded, some died, because of
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attacks targeting restaurants and gathering places in a shiite neighborhood. one explosion outside of the gates in the so-called green zone killed six people in a restaurant. so far, no one has claimed responsibility for the bombings. the prime suspect is the group called al qaeda in iraq. ten years after the u.s. launched its invasion of iraq, a huge montgomery still canadian. the -- still -- a huge memorial still stands. memorial creator, jeff heaton, ran out of room and now keeps a tally of those killed on the board here, 6,702 total casualties. he wants to keep the crosses on the hillside as long as troops remain in harm's way in the middle east. >> we seem to be in a situation where there's a perpetual war going on in the middle east. there's this feeling of -- there's not really an end date. and so we keep the process up here to remind people of that.
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>> reporter: a friend who owns the property let heaton construction the memorial. it's thought to be the largest of its kind in the u.s. a relatively mild day around the bay area at this hour. high clouds continue to stream overhead, moisture within the clouds. not seeing any rainfall at the moment. but rain is marching towards the, giving au live look at -- you a live look at mt. diablo. relatively nice when it comes to our numbers. 70 degrees right now. 66 antioch. 60 degrees redwood city, upper 50s over parts of the north bay. let's take a look at that rain. you can see some of it moving into northern california but even the reports stations here, eureka, crescent city, reporting mostly cloudy skies and not even a lot of rain falling just yet. there will be plenty more moisture pulling it from the south and we'll have the opportunity for that rain. i a i soo up it's gonna come in
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same -- i assume it's gonna come. in the last hour, i've seen this move closer to windsor and guerneville about 45 minutes ago, it was closer to areas right around eureka. so it's on its way. giving au view here. here's the low that will -- that will continue to move to the north. the two combined not going to help us out a whole lot. we'll see enough rain to make the roadways slick. the kids will need and umbrella as early as tonight and tomorrow morning. but all in all, we won't pick up a lot of rain. snow levels will be high. by about 6:00, the evening drive, a little wet, a few light showers. 6:30 into 7:00, it becomes widespread. as we get started tomorrow morning, scattered showers, we have a line of rain that moves through the north bay, about 9:00 crosses into the central bay at 11:00. kind of fizzles out as it heads to the south bay. there's that front sweeping
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through. behind it we have scattered showers, the time stamp well into the evening hours. a 24-hour period of off-and-on rain. it looks like it will hit us in time for the evening drive as wellals the morning drive for -- as well as the morning drive for tomorrow. how much rain? .25 for the north bay, .010 for the south bay. the hills will pick up .25, .050. 64 in hayward, 64 for mountain view. the extended forecast here, i again, the rain -- again, the rain movingin tonight. it will be light rain on and off for most of wednesday. drying out for thursday and temperatures do a nice rebound in time for the weekend. upper 60s near 70 for the afternoon. and tomorrow the first day of spring. it arrives at 4:02. spring showers in the forecast. >> thank you. the santa clara city council set to vote on several
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resolutions aimed at evacuate the super bowl play at the number 49 -- having the super bowl play at the new 49ers' stadium. they don't want employees to be charged a hotel tax. the decision will be made between san francisco and miami for the super bowl l. a bay area college basketball team is about to enter march madness. the men's team got a rousing sendoff yesterday. they are now in ohio where they will play middle tennessee state later today. the game starts at 6:10, pacific daylight time. the other team in the ncaa tournament is from uc berkeley and they will be playing thursday against university of nevada, las vegas and that will be at san jose's hp pavilion. a closer look at wall street ahead. it's now official, developing news on a sweet deal to save a hostess treat. ♪ i'm your venus [ female announcer ] what does beauty feel like?
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despite good news on home construction, investors are still fretting about the debt saga in europe. lawmakers in cypress rejected a draft bill that would have seized part of people's bank deposits in order to qualify for an international bailout. the dow is down 10. the nasdaq is down 14. s&p down 5. in developing news, twinkies will be on their way back to store shelves.
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today, a bankruptcy judge for hostess brands approved the sale of twinkies to a pair of investment firms. the sale includes dingdongs and who whos for a -- and hoh os. the owner hopes to have the cakes back on the shelves this summer. coming up at 5:00, the debate whether california could become a test fight for an unmanned aircraft that is supposed to heat up this afternoon. we will examine the concerns over privacy issues. thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. we'll see you the next time news breaks. we're always here for you on and mobile have a great day.